burncycl.net was originally started in 1994 as the "InterNex" dial-up bulletin board system (or InterNex BBS) in Peru, Indiana. The creation of the InterNex BBS was inspired by Daniel Bucklard who ran his own BBS dubbed "The Video Vipe Line" or TVVL. When he shutdown the TVVL in late 1994 the InterNex BBS stepped in to service his users, primarily in the local Peru area.

The goal was to create a computer based community which could share files. The files shared (or archives) comprised of a 7 CD shareware set totaling 4.9 gigabytes which would rotate each week.

As technology progressed away from BBSes to the internet, so did the InterNex which switched to a web based interface in early1999.

With a now global reach, thanks to the internet, the InterNex needed to expand it's bandwidth capabilities. Unfortunately Peru, Indiana had meager means of expansion causing the InterNex to relocate to Seattle, Washington. This eventually led to the reformation of the InterNex into burncycl.net in late 1999.


Today burncycl.net hosts a large collection of mixes, live sessions, promotionals, and otherwise free sessions from my favorite DJ's around the world. I hope you enjoy!



To Daniel Buckler for getting me interested in BBSes. Also to Broker and Succendo for getting me interested in Linux and their support both in coding and fresh ideas over the years. Salmon gang forever!

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